Saturday, January 8, 2011

Library Inspiration!

From "The New 18th Century Style"


  1. I LOVE this book! Could be due in part to the macabre taxidermy? *winks* I swear I'm the biggest animal lover, but old taxidermy is irresistable to me! I cringe and want it at the same time kwim? That ostrich is calling to me!Lol! And all that fabulous large statuary!
    Do you have the book "Rooms" By Carl Skoggard? I think you would really enjoy it.Both haunting and enchanting at the same time.I'd love to hear which ones are your favorites? Vanna
    PS I just got a taxidermy peacock for the top of my livingroom armoire. Dare I post it?

  2. Wel, Vanna, taxidermy gives me the same eerie feeling I get when one of my pets stares out into the abyss for no logical (earthly) reason. It goes like this "McGillicuddy, whatch lookin' at boy? McGillicuddy? McGi...wha? Okay, boy, you can stop that now, there is nothing there you silly cat! McGillicuddy?" voice petering out as I crane my neck to see what HE sees...
    And...then...he takes off like a bat out of hell------------>and I am afraid. See?
    Staring animals+me=creepy, uneasiness.
    It is multiplied tenfold hen the staring animal is actually dead.
    Now you know.

  3. Ijust bought the Carl Skoggard book on Amazon...should arrive soon! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. When we were looking for a new house we visited quite a few model homes. In one home there was an actual deer head over the fireplace mantel...WTH?
    Gracie rushed into the room behind the fireplace, certain she would find the rest of the deer on the other side!

  5. Ahhhhhh I see! Although I think McGillicuddy doing that would totally freak me out too! My cat Jordan likes to bring me little (sometimes moving) gifts. Soooo creepier yet! Lol!
    That's so funny that Gracie rushed to the room behind the fireplace! Hope springs eternal! Did she ask for an explanation?
    And I'm so glad you ordered the book! Don't let the cover fool you. I was completely underwhelmed by it...But inside it was like discovering a treasure. The rooms all feel so real (And I believe they are) Nothing staged or phony, just the way these people lived. I couldn't put it down, and I go back to it often. Vanna


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