Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Would You Do?


  1. Try to be a good friend, mother, wife, neighbor, daughter - in other words I can't save the world but I can try to be there for those closest to me.

  2. Vanna, hopefully I am doing it.

    Like Dostoevsky, I have a problem with suffering.

    I teach my daughter to look homeless people in the eye, give them everything in your pocket, shake their hand and tell them God loves them. They are real people.

    I made Thank You cards to hand out to every veteran I see, or put it on the windshield of their car when I see Veteran plates. I have passed out over 2,000 to date and met so many interesting people. It is so humbling to me. They actually thank me for thanking them!
    We have a joke in our house...How do you make a Marine cry?
    You thank him!

    We volunteer to help at the local shelter and transport animals across state lines to another chance.

    I stop for every single stray I see, even if it means I am late for an appointment, or in one case, a funeral.

    I smile at people who look sad, even if I don't know them.

    I help old ladies carry groceries.

    I help old ladies across the street.

    I flirt with elderly men! LOL!

    I talk to elderly people sitting alone at the mall.

    I take my daughter to nursing homes to learn from the tenants therein.

    I pray to God every day to help me see if anyone is suffering so that I can help if I can.

    I always over tip the waitress.

    I always open the door for the person behind me.

    I pay the toll for the cars behind me in traffic.

    I let people in traffic. I let even MORE people in if the person behind me beeps! LOL!

    I thank people.

    I cannot tell you the number of times I have made an abject ass of myself trying to help someone who does not want my help, but it never stops me. You have to do what you're good and and I suppose I shall work to be the best ass I can be!
    We give to myriad charities because we KNOW how blessed we are.

    Sometimes I cry when I realize that no matter how much I do it will never be enough.

  3. I come by and make stupid comments!

    Not enuff smiles are comin' offen da walls now a days I figger. ;-)

  4. ok I didn't realize I was supposed to actually answer that.
    I too am a lover of all strays. I have to stop collecting them before my husband moves out,lol!!!!

  5. amanofwonder...stupid comments are a favorite of mine, without even trying I am able to do it several times a day or MORE!
    Lisa, my husband is mildly allergic to cats. We call them "Daddies Little Allergens!" LOL!
    All of our six kitties were strays that came to the door. Really, what was I to do? I love them more than I can convey with mere words.
    I have to say that it made me a bit uncomfortable to make that list of things I do to try to make this world a better place. It feels boastful. I hope that maybe it inspires people, though.

  6. Oh what a dear sweet tender Soul you are. Yes, I often do things I see on your list too, it makes me feel wonderful to make a difference, however small and most people do appreciate the effort. And 'The Man' is a 100% Disabled Veteran (Marines, Army AND Air Force Service over his long career... he fought in every conflict since Vietnam)... so your inside family joke made me smile because it's true... the only time I've seen tears well up in my ole' Marine's eyes is when someone takes the time to shake his hand and sincerely thank him for his Service and Sacrifice. I also am in complete agreement with the special comment you left on my Post about unwanted Pets... all of ours have been discarded Cats (strays, ferals or abandoned pets) that 'adopoted' us (hey, all Cats know a Sucka when they see one, LOL). I have supported a Ministry called Alley Cats International that does the catch, spay/neuter, release of feral Cat populations. It often takes a couple of years for a feral to trust enough to allow you the privilege of touching them, they may never be 'pet quality' but they don't deserve the death penalty either... I've enjoyed great feral 'working cats' on my property over the years... the trick is catching them to ensure they get fixed if they are to live here. Right now we've got two big Orange Toms that live outside and 'work' and a Female indoor Fur Baby that has now been with us over 20+ years and was born at a plastics factory and brought to us by one of the workers who said the Mama Cat had died... she was so small she wasn't expected to survive... now she's a massive beast... well, you know how they say an animals comes to rememble it's owner??! *wink*

    Didn't intend to write a novel but you happened to mention several things near and dear to my Heart too...Keep doing the right thing my Friend... it pays dividends like nothing else... Dawn... The Bohemian

  7. Awww that's a good answer Andie. I too try to be kind to others no matter what their circumstances. I don't pass by people living on the street without looking them in the eye and treating them like they exist. There but for the grace of God go I. Vanna

  8. You have certainly made me think with your question today. I think I do my bit to help others and encourage my children to do the same but I realise that we can do a whole lot more and will, starting from today. Thanks for the kick up the butt!!
    x Sharon

  9. You are right that we can never do enough. But we can do what we can, and it looks like you go out of your way to do just that, and that is rare today.

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  11. Dawn, thank your husband from my family, please. I would like to shake his hand one day! Goosie too!
    Silverfiddle, I just hope I don't wake up one day and realize I missed something. You know, something I could have been doing all along to make someone else's burden lighter?
    By the way, my brother thinks I'm a schmuck for giving money to the homeless.
    Why not! I am in a blesssed position to make more. It's just money. I think a kind word goes a lot further when you actually "put your money where your mouth is"! Maybe all it would take is for them to realize that people DO care, what they do with that money from there is their business! *shrug* Hopefully it matters. No harm, though.


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