Saturday, January 15, 2011

More Details, My Paintings and a Gratuitous Picture of McGillicuddy the Cat...

It's time to paint my family room, the walls are 18ft high. I have no idea what color I want, none. Nada. I was thinking maybe teal with an antique glaze?
I have photographed some of the items in the room. The The wool embroidered chairs aren't staying, I am putting them on Craigslist. The large French mirror you see will go over the mantel. The walls behind the sofa will be drywalled over, they lead into the formal living room... I do not understand the whole "window in a wall" thingy. Why have a formal and informal area open to each other that way? There is an opening on either side of a doorway. It looks like the McDonald's drive-thru to me! The ugly orange ledges aren't working for me either.

I also have many huge oriental rugs to place. That is happening as soon as handsome husband wakes up (he works midnights). I want to do it RIGHT NOW! I won't mention they have been sitting in the garage for months. I know I should have put them down BEFORE the furniture. I can't really remember why i didn't.

The windows will be covered in painter's dropcloths (poor man's linen) and the upper windows, which you cannot see will have antique stained glass windows hung over them.

The fireplace mantel is six feet tall and was formerly ugly brown brick. It is now a slightly more attractive painted white brick! I am saving up for something awesome! The starburst mirror is not staying but since I don't have scaffolding to hang the ginormous French mirror (nor the strength) HAD to put something on that big, blank spot!

I plan to fill the walls with the paintings I have made or purchased, except the "Jesus Bieber" one I really screwed up on. I plan on asking for help in another post!

Please note the awesome chest with the olive leaf detail. I paid $300 for it because it had a broken leg. Poor fella. It retails for over $1,600 at Horchow. Thank you, ebay!

The lectern that the Bible sits on was made using scrap wood and Gorilla glue as well as embellishments from Hobby Lobby. When I made it I had not yet discovered Bomar Design or Decorators Supply Corp. I saw one in Emeril's house, featured in Veranda Magazine and I HAD to have one! Whoa! They are pricey! Not to worry, you can make one too, if you want to. I'll show you!

Vanna, this is the best photograph I could get with my camera phone of the biedermeier secretary. I think I am going to move it next to the sofa once I move the ginormous mirror...

I am wondering if I should paint the coffee table?

I will gratefully accept any advice from my blogging friends!


  1. I love the biedermeier secretary and green chest with gold olive leaves nice pieces! And we see more of your lovely art!

  2. Thank you, Andrew! What do you think of teal as a paint color for the room? The room is soooo large, I thought a darker color would warm it up?

  3. Andie thanks for the closeup! I can see it much better. It reminds me a little of one I sold my cousin Denise...Wish I hadn't now *winks* That Horchow chest is gorgy!! I thought it looked familiar. Love your alter candlesticks! I found a lamp at the Goodwill today that I'm going to transform into a candlestick. Wish me luck!
    I'm also looking forward to the book rest tutorial. LOVE that!! Cool hand too! I'm so glad your back postin' Yippee!! Vanna

  4. Your blog looks FANTASTIC! so elegant and refined. Bravo et merci.


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