Friday, January 7, 2011


I found a lovely armoire on Craigslist last year...

Although it was Craigslist, it cost more than any other piece of furniture I have ever owned!

We call the armoire "Narnia" because one of our beloved former strays, Frannie has taken up residence there!
 Poor Frannie. It took three years to gain her trust so I could bring her into our home. She hides in Narnia because one of our other kitties, McGillicuddy, likes to pull her pigtails! Twice a day I carry her to the litter box. We often make up stories about what Frannie is doing in Narnia! Adventure! Intrigue!

I have had a great deal of luck finding treasures on Craigslist.  Have you?


  1. That is one breathtaking armoire! Such beautiful carving! It looks huge! How tall is it? And isn't it amazing what one can find on CL? I'm with little Frannie I think I'd live in there *winks* Your armoire is exactly what I'd envisioned when I first read The Chronicles Of Narnia (Funny I never envisioned an English one) I was so enraptured I've been buying french armoires ever since...and I have a small house!
    In my next house I'm going to use an armoire as an entrance to a secret room... One to make Marie Antoinette giddy *winks* And make my childhood dreams come true. Vanna

  2. Oh Vanna! LOL! I should have mentioned that the chairs on either side of the armoire are child-sized! I guess if you thought they were normal sized the armoire would look GINORMOUS in comparison!
    Funny you should mention using an armoire as an entrance to a secret room...Gracie's bedroom is framed armoire!
    We really ARE soul sisters!
    I'll post photos soon!
    Now I see why you love the library too. Books are a big part of who you are, I see. In the same way that the stories have influenced me and my life, my surroundings they have affected you as well. No?
    Wait until you see my "Little Match Girl" dining room!

  3. Pardon my language but are you sh**ing me??!! You used an armoive as an entrance!! Ohhh you must show me! I can hardly wait! And I feel the same way about the dining room. Little Match Girl....Can't wait!
    And yes books are KEY in my life. A room without books simply will not do! Mais non! Even my bathrooms feature books *winks* Vanna

  4. Oh I forgot to mention that I was looking at the scale of those chairs! And that armoire did look GINORMOUS!! hehe! V


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