Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Me?! A Blogger Award?

Colette, from la Brocanteuse, has graciously chosen ME to receive "The Stylish Blogger" award!
I am honored and a bit dumbfounded as to why! I have been blogging very briefly, just a few weeks and I have seen so many dazzling blogs that inspire and motivate me! Colette's is one of them for certain!
I was asked to share seven things about myself that people may not know. Since I am new here, that should be fairly simple!

1). I home school my beloved daughter, Grace and she is learning at the speed of light!

2). My darling, patient husband is a police officer for the town in which we reside. He may be the only officer in his department with his photograph on a decorating blog! LOL!

3). I own seven pets, all are former strays...my dearly loved cats: Faerie Princess, Mabel, Shenanigan, McGillicuddy, Atticus, Frannie and a puggle named Napoleon. I am a huge animal advocate. My husband calls me "Snow White". Once, while on a family walk, a baby robin landed on my shoulder! My husband has not been the same since! LOL!

4).I started this blog to show my sister, who lives in Maine, the progress (or lack thereof) that I have been making on my new home.

5). My brother-in-law, Andre', recently fell off the roof of his home and became paralyzed and I don't mind asking the good people who read this blog to pray for him. He is a good man...

6).I would appreciate ANY and ALL advice my new blog friends can give me to help me make my home comfortable and beautiful!

7). I was orphaned at a young age and grew up without a home of my own so it is SO important to me to provide a lovely and warm environment for my daughter! I search out heirloom quality items to pass down to her. I have 1st Dibs taste on a Craigslist budget!

Now...here's the difficult part! I have to choose bloggers of my own to receive this award! How am I supposed to choose?

1). Everyone probably already knows Vanna, wink! She is such a gracious individual and a mad scientist...her blog is here

2). Tara Dillard is such a huge inspiration to me. We also share a fondness for the garden designer, Roy Strong! Her blog is here

3). When I first saw this next blog, I was surprised at how few followers they had! They are absolutely talented and creative beyond belief! Atelier de Campagne can be found here...

4). Andrew is a Southern gentleman whom I would love to meet! Not only is he uber creative he is a lovely blog host! His informative posts are music to the eyes! His blog is here...

5). Maison 21 is a favorite for many reasons, but his love of animals in on par with my own. he is talented and SO funny to boot! His blog is here...

6)Sheila, at Note Songs is the consummate hostess. Her blog is here...

7). Room Seventeen is a blog I found on a google search of French furniture. I was smitten! They are here...

To the WINNERS...Here are the rules to accept this award;

1).Thanks and link back to the person who awarded you this...

2).Share SEVEN things about yourself...

3).Award recently discovered great Bloggers...

4).Contact these bloggers and tell them about the award...

What a fun way to make new friends too!

I have truly enjoyed my first few weeks as a blogger. I hope to learn a great deal from all of you!



  1. Awwwww thanks so much Andie! I feel so honored!
    I see exactly why she gave you the award. You have fabulous taste my friend!
    And I'm not JUST saying that because we seem to love so many of the same things and are so much alike *winks* Like:
    1st dibbs taste on a craigslist budget...Check!
    Handsome husband *winks*....check!
    All pets strays or unwanted (I have three dogs and one cat) check!
    EXTREME love of books and learning...check!
    Strong love for mouldering things *winks*

    I'm so sorry about your BIL and I'll certainly add him to my prayers.

    As for asking us all for help with your house? You don't need an ounce of it!
    But I'll be happy to help with any questions you might have about blogging. You can probably help me with that too!
    Ok I'm off to check out the other 6 bloggers! Vanna

  2. THANK YOU!!!

    What is this thing, art?

    Seeing the pics/topics you choose and connecting viscerally.

    Prayers for your brother-in-law and a big thank you to your husband for his chosen profession.

    Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

  3. You deserve this and thank you for sharing once again a lovely post with us..I am late in replying to this- we have been away for few days..only just returned. love all your creative and beautiful ideas and your energy and passion for what you share is felt in every post. xoxo Colette

  4. so sorry to have missed this honor. thank you so much for recognition- coming from a fellow animal lover, it means a lot to me. i am happy you are raising your daughter in an environment that respects our animal friends.

    my one advice is not to worry about finding heirlooms to pass down to your daughter- she find her her own way, with her own things, and when the time comes, she will select the things of yours to keep that remind her of *you*, and they will be that much more special to her. i only kept a few items from my parents, but each has so much meaning to me, i smile when i look at them. i don't think it would be the same to have a whole house full.

    best wishes to your brother in law- i hope for a miraculous recovery, and again, apologies for not taking note of my award earlier.


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