Monday, January 10, 2011

The Details...and a Magnifying Glass For Vanna!

How cool is this? A 1920's French puppet theater!

Stars and cherubs! My favorite!

Waiting for Spring...

Holding Frosty's hat until he returns!

Sunless sunroom...

Sunroom tableau...

The sunroom is also known as the cat bunkhouse. Here is a favorite cushy place!

For Marie Antoinette's bird...

Gracie will share this with you, Vanna! Too bad you can't see the detail, I painted a cheetah pattern on it. It was a Veggie Tales toy! LOL!


  1. Thank you Gracie!! You mama needs some help with that camera of hers do you think you could help her?
    I still can't enlarge the pix! And your moms a little cheeky isn't she? *winks* Torturing me like this!
    Girlfriend that theater is TDF!! Seriously fab!
    And I love your sunless sunroom! I think that birdcage would meet with Maries approval *winks* I suddenly find myself wanting to add feathers to everything in my house and it's all your fault!
    I have a nearly identical waiting for spring cherub. Mine is outside getting a tan because he really needed some dirtying up! I wonder how long it will take for something mossy to grow on marble?
    You should start a Angel/cherub Monday meme (blog party) You have an amazing extensive collection to share! I'd be the first to join ya! Vanna

  2. Oh, Vanna! It's so easy to make moss grow...simply take some yogurt and brush it where you want the moss to grow then take bits from your moss balls...yes, THOSE moss balls...not too much, and sprinkle it on the yogurt, put a plastic garbage bag over the piece and let it sit until the moss grows the way you want it!
    Side CAN use SpongeBob Squarepants yogurt if the need arises!

  3. Lol!! Why am I not surprised that you know this?? Thank you BTW! I remember Martha Stuart had a specialist years ago that said to make terra cotta look old you soak it in a mixture of horse manure and water. And Martha was like "What?!" The lengths we must go to achieve mouldering my friend....But I think I'll just buy my terra cotta old! *winks* Vanna


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