Thursday, January 20, 2011

Look What Followed Me Home!

From ebay, this is such an interesting pediment! I have no idea where I am going to put it! Maybe over the ridiculously large and quasi-heart shaped bathtub?

Again, from ebay. I have to drive 3 hours on Monday to pick these up but the price was waaaay worth it! Gracie and I love a good adventure!

The lions will look lovely in front of my free Craigslist gazebo. Yes. Free! It looks like a giant birdcage with a crown at the top. It is much more substantial than the photos show. It even has iron tassels! When I went online to try and figure out how to keep it from tipping over I found this!...every time I look at that gazebo I cringe at the color of the brick foundation. It should have been grey! I cannot wait to plant roses around it this spring! Please ignore the empty lot next door!

Here is the gazebo with the 8,000 pound bench I also bought on craigslist! I went out in the snow in my bare feet to take this photo for you!

I would much rather have Sphinx statues like this one guarding my gazebo, but for now the lions will do. When I do find my Sphinxes the lions will go into the dining room under the window with velvet down filled cusions...

Again, from Craigslist is this lovely set of Four Seasons cherubs! There are four but I only photographed three. I intend to place them over the four window wells in my side gardens once I find four iron fence sections to place them on! They are extremely heavy!

I braved the cold to get a photo of Winter!

Here is the ebay bronze "spitter" that I cannot wait to place at the head of my (not yet built) reflecting pond! I have been eyeing some granite salvage for the rectangular pool I have in mind! The spitter is about 4 feet long.

Next, are the limestone capitals from a Wisconsin bank that are flanking the garden path into the backyard...they weigh a ton! Literally! They are about 4 feet square.

Next is my Craigslist bronze fountain, very reminiscent of Versailles! I had to drive 4 hours each way to get it but I LOVE it! It is a bit over 4 feet tall.

The last item today is actually a pair of iron benches from ebay. Each is about seven feet long and required six men to move them (until I bought a furniture dolly on Craigslist, that is!)

Here they are in the front yard behind Grace and Napoleon. You can only see one. The movers would take them no further than that! LOL! It was so easy to move them to the backyard with the furniture dolly, though!

This last photograph is for Vanna! I edited this post just for her! I finally figured out how to make the images on my cell phone camera larger! Although the sconces are not garden themed. It's just too cold to go back out there!


  1. Oh my goodness Andie! What a fabulous tour de force of fabulous finds! I think I'd drive across the country for most of them *winks* That spitter is the bomb! And I appreciate you getting your tootsies cold in the snow for us. Drool worthy shots my friend...every one! Oh I went shopping yesterday with a fellow blogger buddy and I found something that said "Andie" to me. I spent too much on it (Unfortunately NOT free on CL. Lol!) but I hope you're going to like it......Vanna

  2. Andie just thinkin' Do you have a Picasa account? Because if not you should. It's free and it allows you to enlarge your pictures...(And you know how I feel about that *winks*) As well as make photo collages. You can check it out here Vanna

  3. Vanna, funny you should mention both topics! I have something for YOU too!
    I figured out the cell phone imaging AFTER I finished the post. I am not going back out in the cold but I will post bigger photos next time!

  4. I'm so jealous! I love all your wonderful finds!
    Especially that bronze spitter!

  5. Awwwww we're sconce-y twins!! Lol! Now I want us to be cherub fountain spitter twins too! *winks*
    And it ENLARGED!! Glory hallelujah!!...Sorry that sounded a little like a bad porn movie. Vanna

  6. Very beautiful treasures! You sure did score! Have a good evening.........Julian


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